Finding a Good Mortgage Broker

The mortgage broker sector is very competitive in New Zealand, especially in the larger cities where a Google search for a mortgage broker will throw up many pages of results. This can be very confusing for potential clients who may not know anything about the mortgage brokers in the a list and who is most appropriate for their particular needs. Adding to the confusion is the fact that the top few results in the larger cities always seems to be the same large mortgage broking firms. New clients may have no idea whether or not they are better to go for the large firm or small firm.

One aspect that might make that decision easier if the clients were aware of it is that the reason the handful of large mortgage broking firms always appear at the top of any searches is that they have invested the most money and talent into making sure that they rank number one in Google search. Their high ranking is not the result of them providing the best service market but simply the result of them spending the most money on their website and having the smartest web development team.

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Indeed this is often born out by the experience the potential clients have when approaching the large mortgage broking firms, because unless their requirements are very straightforward and they appear to be an easy win, then the mortgage broking firm will most probably suggest the client go elsewhere. Their business model is based around taking on easy clients only, and leaving the more difficult clients for the mass of independent brokers out there.

If a clients requirements are fairly straightforward then the large mortgage broking firms may be a good choice, but if the clients problems are even slightly out of the ordinary then they may be better to go to an independent mortgage broker. These brokers need to spend a lot of their working week finding new clients, and they are not likely to reject any potential new client simply because the application looks a bit more difficult than normal.

The client can learn a lot from the mortgage brokers website, including what type of mortgage the broker specialises in, and what sort of testimonials previous clients have given it. A smart and well thought out website implies that the Whakatane mortgage broker is also a smart and thinking type of person. The client may want to make a list of potential mortgage brokers, and then perhaps shorten the list by including other factors such as distance to travel for meetings etc. Once the client has their best shortlist then they will be able to finalize that with a phone call or a Skype call to their candidate mortgage brokers.

Mortgage Brokers in Smaller Towns

The mortgage broking sector in smaller towns can be a pretty tough business, as the price of houses and the size of mortgages is a lot lower than for the larger cities, and the number of houses bought and sold is a lot less. Incomes are generally significantly less for the smaller towns thanks for the larger centres, and all of this adds up to making it a not very lucrative business for a mortgage broker. To find out more about mortgage brokers Westland click here. Many local mortgage brokers are also insurance agents and possibly even real estate agents as well, as something to keep them busy and give them a reasonable income.

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Life for the small town broker is made even more difficult by the advent of the Internet and the ability of any potential customer to find any broker in New Zealand city and work with them.

Those living in a small town may prefer not to work with the local broker for privacy for personal reasons, and they have any number of alternatives by simply searching on Google for a mortgage broker. For more information go to A handful of very large broking companies in New Zealand pick up a lot of the small town market even though they don’t have a local presence, simply because their brand is well known through expensive advertising, and more importantly because their website comes up ranked number 1 for Google searches.

It is very difficult for a small town broker to compete with these very large big city mortgage broking companies, but in some towns the local broker has been successful. Generally they have done that by networking extensively throughout the community and building up good relationships with the real estate agents, all the builders and even elsewhere within the community, so that they are well known and trusted locals. If they have spent a bit of money on a good website and quality SEO then they may even have been able to rank their website number 1 or number 2 for their town or area, and this will give them a huge advantage over any other mortgage broker in the area. These successful brokers who are really only present in a handful of the smaller towns are totally dominant in their market, and they also display the characteristics of dominance that is present in the very large mortgage broking companies that dominate the big city markets. For example these small town broken will use clerical assistance to pre screen potential customers, and weed out anyone that looks a bit difficult or appears to be a bit of a dreamer. They also have little patience for anybody who appears to have a problem and could be difficult to get a mortgage for, and they also do not need the assistance of a lead generation company because they are doing very well already, thank you very much.

These successful brokers in the small towns are the exception to the rule, and most brokers have to support their mortgage broking business with other jobs and roles in the community.

Why Use A Mortgage Broker?

The vast majority  of residential homeowners in New Zealand will only change the house they live in two or three times in their lifetime. While there are a select few residential homeowners and residential property investors selling and purchasing houses frequently, for almost all residential home owners the buying and selling process will appear complex and intimidating, as well obtaining a mortgage for the new property.

For the select few of residential home owners and property and business who very frequently purchase and sell  houses, they will be familiar with the process and almost certainly will have their own preferred specialists who they go to for service, and this will include mortgage brokers in Wairarapa. The vast majority of residential homeowners will need to find their own service providers, and unless they get a good recommendation from a friend or family member they will almost certainly search for their new broker online.

For these residential home owners, it is more than likely that they find it a real challenge getting a good  mortgage or getting the best mortgage deal in the market. They may not even know about mortgage brokers in Westland, and might approach their bank in the first instant to enquire about getting a mortgage for the new property. In today’s environment it is quite likely that their bank will not be very helpful or will not be able to convince the  homeowner that they are offering the best deal in the market.

Unless the homeowner has friends or family who can recommend a good mortgage broker, they will need to search for a new one online. They will have a vague sense that the mortgage broker may be able to help them, but they most probably will not be aware of the full range of services that they offer.

A good mortgage broker will be able to quickly assess with  a short conversation whether or not the customer is likely to be able to get their mortgage. While some customers will be hopeless cases in terms of falling well short of the banks’ requirements, a number of customers may be nearly there, and a good mortgage broker will help these customers to take steps to make themselves more presentable for the banks. This may involve simply winding back their own aspirations in terms of the quality of house they want to buy, but it also may involve the customer or their partner getting good quality employment for a length of time, and using this evidence of employment plus the additional cash earned  to qualify for a mortgage and to  meet the deposit and monthly repayment requirements.

Electricians in Mosgiel

Mosgiel is a reasonably large town immediately adjacent to a fairly large city. While Mosgiel can call on the adjacent city for any trades people, there is still a large community of tradespeople in Mosgiel itself, both because there is a good market for the trades and because Mosgiel township is an attractive place to live.

Homeowners and businesses alike in Mosgiel will almost certainly find an electrician using the search term electrician Mosgiel, and they will be confronted with an array of electricians with some specialising in the commercial sector and others providing services right across the board. Mosgiel has a thriving commercial and industrial sector, plus a thriving agricultural sector surrounding the town, and this is what will provide most of the lucrative work for the local electricians. The reason for this is that any business needing an electrician generally will be exposed to high costs if there are any delays in the work the electrician is needed for, and they are prepared to pay very well for prompt and professional work.

The homeowners in and around Mosgiel are competing with the commercial operators and the farmers for the electricians, and unless they are prepared to pay substantially more for the work in order to entice the electrician away from their lucrative commercial jobs, they will be obliged to wait in line. Of course if a homeowner has an emergency where there is some risk of property damage or even risk to the residents then the homeowner will be prepared to pay significantly above market rates in order to get an urgent fix. The business model for electricians and towns such as Mosgiel recognises this major advantage that the electrician has.

Mosgiel has a pretty healthy dairy sector, and for any dairy farmer the electrician is a vital partner. The milking machine needs to work reliably twice a day, and the chilling equipment needs to work twice a day as well and needs to be extremely reliable, simply because if the milk does not cool fast enough then the milk supply Factory will not buy the milk, and the farmer will be obliged to dispose of it. One vat full of milk on a modern farm can cost many thousands of dollars, and so the farmer is extremely focused on keeping their machinery operating reliably at all times.

The smart electrician will be able to remotely monitor the vats of their client farmers, and also the farmer will see the electrician turn up on the farm to work on the vat and they will have no idea that they have a problem. This type of service with a problem that is prevented before it actually occurs engenders a high degree of loyalty and respect for the electrician, and the average Farmer will regard the electrician has a very vital part of their team. The farmer will also not at all be concerned about paying a premium for this quality of service.

When Mortgage Brokers Go Wrong

These days the NZ mortgage broking sector is fairly well regulated, and because they all need challenging qualifications and must have all signed up to a recognised dispute resolution process and have their own formal complaints process there is very little trouble in the industry.

However 10 years ago this was definitely not the case, and there was a housing bubble on and New Zealand mortgage brokers were determined to make as much money as they could as fast as they could.  A huge number of new investors will getting involved in the property market,  driven by exponentially increasing property prices and encouraged enthusiastically by a collection of property Guru up and down the country proclaiming how easy it was for them to make really good money.

A lot of these new investors were from the baby boomer generation, and perhaps they hadn’t saved enough for their retirement but one thing they did have was good equity in the family home. These new investors were attending expensive courses and conferences and signing up to expensive coaching series in order to learn the basics of property investing and help themselves get a head start in the market. Their coaches and lecturers were extolling them virtually daily to just get out and buy something, and that’s all it took, and unfortunately for almost all the investors that’s exactly what they did do.

Many first time investors ended up buying a house here, a rental property there and a new section over there, with each one of the deals promising them huge fortunes. They have no idea of the risks involved as they leveraged the equity in the family home in order to create security  for loans, and they signed up for mortgages that they would barely be able to  make payments on.

The tragedy of that period  was  that all of the coaches and lecturers were in cahoots with all of the experts they were recommending, including mortgage brokers, real estate agents, solicitors and accountants, and everybody’s intention was to take as much money off the investors as they could and as fast as possible. While the behaviour of all of these players was shameful, it was the behaviour of some mortgage brokers that cause the most problems, as these brokers in many situations lied and cheated to the banks and the lenders about their clients ability to make payments on the loan, and they lied and cheated to their clients about how risky the loan was and about how expensive the repayments would be. The end result in 2009 was a very large number of bankruptcies and the accompanying social problems like marriage breakups and worse.

How to replace fuses and reset breakers

Sometimes you will find that an appliance like a hair dryer or a kettle stops working for no apparent reason. If the other appliances and the lights in the house are still working then it is almost certain that the fuse or circuit breaker in your main fuse box as tripped. The reason for a fuse or circuit breaker tripping is because there is a short circuit, and this is almost certainly due to the appliance that you are using.

If you don’t want to hire an electrician, you can do this yourself. In this case the first step is to unplug the appliance from the wall socket, and then you must find your main fuse box which wall be invariably in some obscure location in the house such as the garage or the basement. Once you have located the main fuse box then you must search for the fuse or circuit breaker that has tripped. This is generally very simple as there will be one fuse or circuit breaker that is  set differently to all the others. You should reset this circuit breaker so that it is the same as all the others.

If you have an older house with fuses ceramic fuses, then you will need to remove each ceramic fuse mounting and check to see whether the fuse wire is burnt-out. When you do find the burnt-out fuse, then you need to remove that fuse wire and replace it with identical fuse wire. It pays to have spare fuse wire in the main fuse box ready for these emergencies. Remember that you need a light gauge fuse wire for lighting circuits and a heavier gauge fuse wire for electric switches. Don’t forget you can still hire the electricians Hamilton has on offer. You may even need a very heavy gauge to wire for your electric water heater.

If the fuse blew or the circuit breaker tripped while you were using an appliance then you should not necessarily assume that the appliance is faulty,  is it maybe that you had multiple appliances running at the same time and just simply overloaded the circuit breaker. However if you only had one appliance working when the circuit breaker tripped, then you can retest the appliance after you have reset the circuit breaker, and if it trips again then you can assume that the appliances faulty and needs repairing. You should only retest the appliance  if the original failure was not accompanied by sparks or crackling.

Why Solar Will Save The World (It Has Nothing To Do With Climate Change)

More solar power reaches the Earth’s surface every hour then is consumed by the whole world in one year, and studies in the year 2000 show that the amount of solar power that is practically useable is 3 to 4 times the world’s current energy usage.

Moreover the cost of solar panels is decreasing exponentially, due to new technologies and manufacturing techniques but primarily due to the sheer scale of manufacturing. This is a wonderful virtuous cycle in that lower prices mean much greater demand,  and this is indeed the case at both the consumer level and the utility level.

One very exciting development is the explosion of solar utility power in India, where tenders for New Energy projects are coming up with solar that is priced considerably less than coal or oil alternatives. This is dramatic as India was expected to be installing coal fired power stations for the foreseeable future. However the terrible pollution in most Indian cities, mostly due to coal and vehicle emissions, has spurred the government to be much more aggressive in seeking renewable Solutions, and the industry has come to the party in a big way with low priced solar.

Coupled with the rapid ongoing price reductions of solar we also have the development of massive battery factories such as the Tesla Gigafactory, which are able to supply batteries for utility storage at a massive volume and amazing price. The best part about the trends in solar and battery storage is that this will only get cheaper because of the massive increase and scale, where’s the cost of coal and oil and gas will only ever get more expensive as it gets more difficult to mine –  the cheap reserves have already been mined.

Unfortunately the transition to solar power is only in the very early stages in comparison to the amount of fossil fuel fuel power, and it is going to need a miracle like transport as a service using fully autonomous electric vehicles  to truly change and slow the current trajectory of climate change on Earth.